087 Test Monkey

  • 087 Test Monkey2
    My strange friend, Test Monkey.

  • 5 thoughts on “087 Test Monkey

    1. I find this offensive to half-chimpanzees everywhere. TestMonkey is ambidextrous. Skateboard is obviously not to scale; carbon/kevlar seems to be absent. TestMonkey does not prefer bananas. I am not TestMonkey. Did not make me LOL. Drawing made me nervous and uncomfortable. Not sure what he’s pointing at. It appears frustrated.

      • If you are not TestMonkey, how do you use precisely his exact email address on your profile?

        Regardless, here are some answers for you:
        The specimen observed in this illustration is actually half-ape.
        Maybe TestMonkey is not scratching TestMonkey’s head.
        Correct on the skateboard not being drawn to scale.
        You are TestMonkey.
        I bet (and hope) you did LOL.
        Illustration is supposed to make one nervous and uncomfortable.
        TestMonkey is giving advice, emphasizing with gesture.
        He may indeed be frustrated–it is possible.

        I hope those answers are to your satisfaction, for they are extremely true.

        • The thing about Advice… No, the thing about ART: Art exists to make the Comfortable uncomfortable, and the Uncomfortable comfortable. Thank you for passing Test #1.

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